We elaborate our vodka according to the traditional production of Russian Vodka, by means of four separate distillations. It is composed of cereals and malted barley, obtaining a sublime neutral drink of aromas and flavors, which can be enjoyed by the most delicate palates


    A fully innovative idea: enjoy our formidable Vodka neat, in a balloon glass with ice. Accompany it with gourmet aphrodisiac snacks, such as caviar or oysters



    Ingredients: 5 cl. of vodka + 1 tonic of 20 cl. + solid ice cubes + 1 slice of sweet orange or lime of your choice

    Recommendation: use a large glass as it needs space to oxygenate and thus release all its aromas and flavors

    Preparation: fill three quarters of the glass with ice cubes, stir the ice cubes to cool the glass, and discard any remaining water

    Pour a maximum of 5 cl. at a certain distance from the glass so that it becomes oxygenated and then stir softly

    Gently fill the glass with the cold tonic, also using the base of a cocktail spoon as a slide

    Cut a lime slice and place inside the glass

    Make a twist with the sweet orange or lime peel, allowing the essential oils to fall into the glass and release its aromas and flavors

    We can even add a few drops of lime juice to give it a more exotic flavor

    Stir slowly with a cocktail spoon, so that all its aromas and flavors are mixed

    Like this we can enjoy our sensational Vodka Tonic Dragons