We elaborate our rum starting from an exquisite selection of extra-fresh green sugar cane collected in tropical and subtropical zones

We distill its juice in our Alchemist Alembic, which provides a characteristic caramelized flavor of very subtle sweetness, derived from the magnificent levels of sucrose that this fruit offers us

Next, we age it in our Limousin oak barrels with special characteristics and toasting for top quality Gran Reserva distillates. This incorporates the natural notes that this wood gives off with vanilla, cinnamon and toasted dried fruits


    We invite you to enjoy our extraordinary Rum neat, in a balloon glass with ice, and savour the aromas and flavors of bonbon, vanilla caramel and its small notes of cinnamon pastry. Accompany it with snacks or nuts of your choice


    You can taste our Rum Añejo mixed with natural juices, super foods such as spirulina or soft drinks of your choice and enhance your cocktail creativity


    Ingredients: 8 cl. of Rum + 1 Cola of 20 cl. + solid ice cubes + 1 slice of starry tamarind, lime or lemon of your choice

    Recommendation: use a large balloon glass as it needs space to oxygenate and thus release all its aromas and flavors

    Preparation: fill three quarters of the glass with ice cubes, stir the ice cubes to cool the glass, and discard any remaining water

    Pour a maximum of 8 cl. at a certain distance from the glass so that it becomes oxygenated and then stir a little

    Gently fill the glass with the very cold cola, using the base of a cocktail spoon as a slide

    Cut a slice of starry tamarind and lime or lemon, placing them inside the glass

    Cut the lemon or lime skin and twist it over the top of the glass so that it releases the essential oils inside and add to the drink

    You can also pour a few drops of lime juice to give it a more exotic flavor, or lemon to give it a more citrus touch

    Stir slowly with a cocktail spoon so that all its aromas and flavors are mixed

    Like that we can enjoy our Rum Cola Dragons, with aromas and flavors of chocolates with vanilla, caramel and cinnamon together with notes of pastry